Monday, January 21, 2013

Books and Pamphlets

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Pamphlet on diamond prospecting - download for free.

One of the first books I published after leaving the Wyoming Geological Survey. The price at Amazon is a bit high, but I had no input on the cost.  If you are interested in finding some gems, rocks and minerals - I tell you about some of my favorite discoveries and where they are located in this book.

This book took me and my son Eric some time to write. Again, Amazon charges too much for this, but I had no input on the cost. In this book, we tell you all about gold prospecting for lodes and placers and where nearly every gold deposit is located in Wyoming

I spent 5 years working and mapping in the South Pass district in Wyoming. I identified some probable commercial lode and placer gold deposits in the district, and the best (Carissa Mine) was essentially nationalized by the State Government. A gold mine that likely has more than a million ounces (possibly several million ounces), is now a state park for a couple of dozen tourists to visit each year.

Want to know more about diamond deposits in California and the rest of the US? I describe nearly every known diamond deposit in the US in this book.

Had a great time writing this book on diamonds - but it is way over priced.

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